The Web of Life

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February is a great month to contemplate the “web of life”. Many things are still buried in the ground, waiting for the impending “waking up” time as the ribbons and tributaries of under-life connect to one another, mostly invisible to our sight, but preparing to sprout up, spin out, weave together, and burst forth! Chief Seattle said, “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.” Let’s celebrate our part in the worldwide web (of life, that is) by noticing, with joyful humility, our place in the intricate weavings of it. Let’s take an “Adventure into Connectivity” this month by walking out Chief Seattle’s words. If you’d like, there’s an adventure awaiting you in chapter 11 of my book, “Camino Divina”! Enjoy

The colorful, beautiful piece on display today is by Vijay Sharon Govender.